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My Transsiberian trip

I enrolled with the aim to produce a nice map of my trip I plan to do in June 2014. This is a special trip to me as I plan to do it as a kind of revival or turn the page project. Riding the transsiberian has been a dream for a long time and it feels the right time for several reasons now.

My answers:

  1. This is for fun
  2. I'm no expert, just an enthousiasm regarding design topics and more specifically maps these days
  3. My target audience is the current myself and forthcoming one
  4. Main stops from the transsiberian with one particularities (e.g. Moscow's Bolchoi). Redish tones.
  5. This is a digital project, would be fun to have a printed version but as I'm not a designer I think I'm not qualified enough to produce something worth a print


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