My To-Be-Determined Hand-Drawn Font | Skillshare Projects

Nicki Hoffman

Designer who loves lettering & tattoos.



My To-Be-Determined Hand-Drawn Font

1. Shape exercises. This was so much fun! I am thinking about adding this to my regular sketching exercises. I sometimes default to thinking verbally, and drawing quickly is a great way to get past that. 

2. Sketches. I worked on a font that incorporates some mehndi elements...I love sketching letters and had this idea a while ago. For my first sketches, I explored contrast and how much of the lines/dots to bring in. I like the more curved shapes (w's and lowercase i) rather than the rectangular ends and want to push the line contrast more. I don't like the uppercase M at all and will redo that one for sure. I may also try sprinkling the angularity of the w's throughout the set. Comments welcome and appreciated!


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