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My Terrible Handwriting

I'll add progress pics asap but for now, I'll introduce myself! Since this is mostly anonymous, I'll get weird. Sorry. I'm not sorry.

As a "lefty" I feel like I was given a raw deal when they taught us handwriting and cursive lettering in elementary school. But enough with the excuses already, I'm a grown woman! I should learn how to write better than my boyfriend! I need to move past this dumb stage in my life where I fear writing a letter in pen at the risk of it looking like a redacted FBI memo in the end.

I'm taking art classes again, hand-lettering the labels on my projects. I use pencil before I trace over it in pen. I have mini heart attacks and hold my breath while I write the letters.

The other day, I showed my mother my work. She said, "Wow, Sweetie, your handwriting looks nice and even. Very legible. What an improvement!"

Um, hello, back hand. Didn't see you there with that compliment.

I love my mother, but she better watch out for this year's holiday cards.

There will be flourishes.


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