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Luciana Haddad

Print Designer & Florist



My Sweet Picnic

I put everything together and found my own style and elements/ motifs, that came from the word´s puzzle! Great exercise, loved it! My motifs all have the same shape, that is the apple pie "holes" . I am very happy with the results, can´t wait to go to another level! Thank´s Majo!

In my sketches you can see  I used always the same shape that is the classic  apple pie´s holes. I found that shape in my moodboard after making the play on words.

Training how to add textures, how to make clipping mask, how to draw with pen tool, blob brush, etc ...

Today I did all forms of square repeat that we learn using the most of all the tools that were new to me! I'm very excited!
I've used some of the numerous motifs that drew for this Picnic collection.

With pattern tool:

Half Drop:

Half Brick:


Playing aroud with square repeats:

Hello All!!

Those days were intense, hard work and practice of incredible learning, and now I selected a Picnic collection, but I don´t know what pattern to put the contest yet. Someone?

The one chosen:

What guided my project from the beginning was the shape of the holes of apple pie, one of the tidbits found in my ideal picnic. With this shape I drew the main reasons, and also created graphics outline of finger foods. 

See all together in this collage, sketches from start.


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