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My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews

My Sweet Audrina is one of my favorite books by the one and only V.C. Andrews.

Andrews' books are the most eerie books I've ever read. They're full of mystery and drama, which I think set the perfect mood for a lettering project. Most of them deal with incest BUT this is the exeption.

Basically, Audrina Adare was a girl that died in the woods. After she died, her parents had another girl and they named her Audrina, the Second. Audrina lives to her parent's expectations and is always compared to the first Audrina. She have a bad memory and can't recall her past. What's the secret of the Adare family? I won't give any spoilers but everything is pretty amazing and mystical.

As for the letter I want to create *drum rolls* letter A! Maily because that's Audrina's initial and mine as well ;)

Some of the related words are:

I am reading this book for the third time and I'm looking forward to completing this project :D There are several covers around and I really like this one but I would love to create something new.


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