Kelly Froelich

Account Executive at InBusiness, Inc.



My Sunday in Orlando

Ah Sunday! After a crazy week being so busy and barely sleeping I got a day to relax and finally start looking at the material from this class!! Thank you so much for all the great links Kaitlin, so much inspiration and amazing tips for a beginnner like me. I actually have only seen a fraction of what you have put up because work as kept me too busy but I will be trying to put in more time into it this next few days!!!

Mid-morning a nice bike ride going through the local public park...

Then a fun evening with my family in Downtown Disney, the main street was full of people, I was so excited!!

Mesmerized by a street musician

A cute couple enjoying a romantic moment

I liked the interaction between the little girls and the musician here :)

Unfortunately quality with a cell phone is not so great at night so a lot of pictures came out really grainy and blurry... 

But I will get out there and shoot again soon!


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