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My Styling Evolution

Hey everyone!

I live in a rental apartment in Queens with my husband, an almost 3 year old boy, and a just 5 month old girl. I try to strike a balance between pretty and practical (especially with the kids), but it isn't easy! 

It's been really nice getting to know some of you and seeing your own styling evolutions. Feel free to stay in touch through my blog Shoes Off Please, Twitter @gilitcooper, Pinterest @gilitc,  Instagram @shoesoffpls or Facebook!

You can also e-mail me at [email protected], I'd love to hear from you!

My favorite transformation was the console, hands down!

From this...

To this...

Here are the rest of the "before" and "after"s:

                                                                         BED STYLING



Okay, so in the end I just switched up the nightstand styling and added a sheepskin to the chair (which we switched back from the glider that we kept in our room for a few months when Mia was first born). Mia has had a double ear infection and it's been super hard to get anything done. However, I'm excited to play around with the styling once she's better.

                                                                  BOOKSHELF STYLING



The teapot and cups below were a present from my sister that she got on Etsy before it got so huge.

The Andy Warhol toy was a birthday gift from a friend. His friend makes these awesome little toys and I love it. The clock is a nod to Warhol and was a castoff from another friend when she was cleaning out her apartment.

Dolls are new-ish to me since my oldest is a son and my daughter is just five months. Generally my son's toys take over, but I thought for this project I'd let my dauther's toys make an appearance.

                                                                   CONSOLE STYLING

This is what I originally had:

It's very two-dimensional, but this is for practical purposes since my son loves to use the surface to play with his toys and when we had more 3D objects he assumed ownership and it didn't go well.

Then I cleared off the space and this is the official "before"



                                                                         SOFA STYLING



                                                                  COFFEE TABLE STYLING

Before: (the two ottomans we use in lieue of a coffee table)

The carpet that is too small for the space drives me cray-cray...but that's for another time.

After: (much finagling), this is what I came up with:

And my picture with "life' in it is kind of a bust because my delicious daughter Mia wasn't in the mood for exploitation (she has a cold that will NOT go away)

I think the whole thing could have benefited fro ma tray but I only have a large brown one that I'm really not into...guess I know what my next purchase will be!

                                                        Intro: 8 Principles of Styling at Work

I think this photo is well styled and illustrates the 8 principles of styling at work:

Needs- This addresses the need to have a place to sit and gather

Shape (and size)- There are varying shapes and sizes (it's a little too much for me, it's busy)

Color- This has a unified color pallette 

Pattern- There is a nice mix of patterns that go but I think it could benefit from a solid pillow or two

Texture- The different materials of the plants, side table, couch, ottoman, and carpet create a mix of textures that is pleasant

Placement- This has mini collections and looks mostly put together, but it is a little cluttered for me

Bling- Bling table and birdcages!

Botanicals- There is the gorgeous view of outside, plus the plant on the side table

                                                     "Before" Five Key Areas Photos:

Below are the "before" photos of the five key areas of our home. I have such a hard time taking good photos and happen to like all of these spaces in real life much more so this is a great opportunity to work on that!

(side note: I used a side table instead of coffee table because we have two ottomans due to the overactive toddler we've got and the bottom two shelves of our bookcase are dedicated to his toys and books for easy access and easy clean up)

Feel free to stay in touch through my blog Shoes Off Please, Twitter @gilitcooper, Pinterest @gilitc,  Instagram @shoesoffpls and Facebook! You can also e-mail me at [email protected], I'd love to hear from you!


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