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My Style - student project

My Style - image 1 - student projectMy Style - image 2 - student project


I plan to illustrate all of my tiny humans' "why" questions:

A- why can’t animals talk?

B- why is the sky blue?

C- why can’t it be Christmas everyday?

D- why can’t I have a pet dinosaur?

E- why can’t we go to the center of the earth?

F- why do we fart?

G- why do you need glasses?

H- why doesn’t a cold house put on a sweater?

I- why can I imaginate?

J- why don’t dogs wear jeans?

K- why can’t everyone just be kind?

L- why does not everyone’s legs work?

M- why do I need to learn math?

N- why do we sleep at night?

O- why can owls turn their heads all the way around?

P- why can’t we go to the park?


R- why is the earth round?

S- why can’t I touch the sun?

T- why does time never stop?

U- why can’t I live under the sea?

V- why do viruses even exist?

W-why do we have to wait?

X- why do x-rays have no noses?

Y- why are yams?

Z- why do zebras have stripes?

My Style - image 3 - student project


Emily Patriquin
Artist, Illustrator, Photographer