My Stupendous PRESALE GIVEAWAY - student project

I've read that fantasy and adventure books do well when released in the Spring/ Summer, so since mine is both I'll pretend July 02 is the big ol' happy date.



Start Date: March 02

End Date: July 02


3 Grand Prizes (given out July 02--a Tuesday)

A signed hardback copy of my book with a personalized bookmark, a signed print of the signature artwork piece commissioned during an earlier marketing period, and--because I thought Hannah Jane's handwritten note was an amazing idea, shoutout :) --a personalized thank you note.

Smaller Prizes (given out in a steady stream during the contest)

Mugs featuring book-centric artwork, signed prints of the non-signature artwork created or commissioned earlier, bookmarks with dramatic quotes and more of that artwork, and I'd like to find other authors to cross promote with their donated books as prizes. (Which makes me wonder if reaching out to fellow authors offering to donate copies of MY book as THEIR prizes is also a promotional strategy worth considering!)

Consolation Prize (given out June 27)

The first five chapters of my bouncing baby book, five days before release date.