My Studio

My Studio - student project

This is where I work. I have converted a master bedroom into my studio space. I am a painter, now doing digital art, but my main income is from face painting, which is on hold until Covid is GONE. I have assigned different tables/areas to different projects or categories. The one in the main photo is where I film and paint small pieces of work. The table where the shapes are, is where I photograph for my Etsy shop. (table is cleaner! LOL) I also have another table where my computer is that's my "office". The cupboard was one of those tv/stereo consoles that I made into my art supply closet. My Studio - image 1 - student projectMy Studio - image 2 - student project

I am self employed, and work from home. It's always been hard to create structure in my day, and I'm mentally telling myself that my boss is quite successful and needs me to be working consistently to get things done. 
Consistency is really hard for me! 


Antoinette Marchfelder
Mix-media Artistpreneur