My Strongest Intelligences

My Strongest Intelligences - student project

My 3 strongest intelligences would include -

Linguistic Intelligence. I love words. I love learning words, I love using words. I love writing and reading and have from a very young age. It's also the area I get hit hardest when I'm criticized, so I believe there is a strong connection between emotion and creativity. For me, being a good writer requires the next intelligence, as a lot of my writing is driven by character and emotion.

Interpersonal Intelligence. Now, I was going to put this third, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized this should be second. One, because it ties in so closely to number one for me. Two, not because I say so, but because almost everyone that knows me says it's true. I've have so many come to me with their problems and worries and I listen, ask questions, then offer multiple suggestions for solutions. This ability leads directly into the third strength.

Logical-mathematical intelligence. Logic is a key component in being able to help people, at least from my perspective, and hence this edges Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence out of the third spot. I'm also extremely good with numbers, and some of my favorite puzzles are more number/logic oriented than word oriented – sudoku, for example. Now, if you ask me if I'd ever consider being an accountant, the response would be a blank stare followed by laughter. Probably hysterical. I admire those that have the patience for it. I don't.

I will make a nod to Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence as I absolutely enjoy doing crafts. Knit, crochet? Yes. Beadwork and jewelry making? Yes. Sewing? Okay, not as much, but I'm working on it. I also enjoy activities such as yoga, taekwondo, tai chi, and swimming.