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Ashutosh Pawar

Entrepreneur, Android Geek. Top Rated Freelancer



My Stratergies To Rank YouTube Videos For Relevant Keywords

Niche: Programming Tutorials.

Keywords: Java, Client Server Programming, Java Tutorial, Socket Programming.

Tags: [java, socket, programming, socket programming in java, socket programming, client server program in java, #apirobuzz, client server program in java using sockets, socket programming using netbeans, client server, socket programming in java | client server program in java using netbeans, client server program in java using netbeans, clien-server program, java programs, client-server using socket programming, software (album), netbeans (software), java (software platform), java (programming language), #programming, #socket,, creating a socket in java, #clientserver, #networking, #java, serversocket, network, tcp/ip, software, sockets, technology, education, echo server, client server networking, client server programming, socket programming in linux, socket programming in c, socket programming java multiple client, socket programming java pdf]



Note: It took me a week to get ranked on the first page and another 10 days to get ranked on the first position.


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