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My Story

My final draft is in the text below_


Do you sometimes find it hard to focus during class or meetings?  Or perhaps you find retaining information challenging. I have faced these challenges myself. I would often doodle in class or meetings and my teachers or peers would think that I was not paying attention or being disrespectful, when in actuality I was learning in a visual way.

Research has confirmed doodling helps increase our focus and retention, especially when our doodles are relevant to what we are learning. So the question becomes how do we learn to create doodles that are relevant to the information being presented?

We can do this by learning to increase our visual vocabulary.  Your visual vocabulary is a set of simple pictures you can draw very quickly to represent an object, person or idea.   As you build your visual vocabulary you can begin to incorporate those simple pictures into your doodles.  The simple pictures along with a few key words are all you need to represent many complex ideas.

You may say but Deb I can’t draw, I say… sure you can.  I will teach you how to draw any object or idea using only a few simple shapes called the visual alphabet. I will also teach you how to organize your doodles in ways that will increase your retention and make it easier to review your notes when you are preparing for your next test or meeting.

I hope you will join me as we learn to build our visual vocabulary and develop our skills at visual note taking.  I look forward to seeing you in class.



I have add my card sort and the rough draft for my story about visual thinking.



My story is about training people on the visual thinking and why it is important.





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