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My Still Scenes

Whats up guys? My name is Evan.  Tons of awesome projects I've seen on here. I was not going to post a project but after seeing some of the fellow classmates projects it motivated me to post some of my scenes. I call my photos scenes becasue my style is heavily influenced by cinema. Check me out on instagram: or just type in febbers in the search bar. Hope you enjoy my class project, which is located below this paragraph. Would love some feed back. I sure enjoyed yours!

Still Life

This older woman was just hangin out and I thought it would be a dope image if I sped up the shutter speed and darkned her out a bit. The water made a nice background. It felt good to get the exact end result I had in my mind when I saw her sitting there.




Me and my girlfriend went to wander the woods last week and I caught some great scenes. This was my favorite lanscape shot from the batch. I had just seen the hateful 8 two days before so I shot wide the whole day.



Me and my dudes hit chinatown saturday, and my main goal was to walk away with at least 10 awesome portraits. This was one of them. Chinatown is always a good time.



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