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My Space

Photo from the incredibly talented Daun Curry at Modern Declaration 

eight principles of style 

1. Shape - Hello! Do you see that chandelier? It is simply stunning and a HUGE factor of that is the play on shapes. Where the wall is covered in mostly squares, the round shape of the bulbs (along side the chair, console, and random frames) contrast beautifully. It really softens the space and brings a femininity to what has a more masculine vibe with the wood, mass amount of linear lines, and color choices.

2. Texture - The color of the rug continues the masculine vibe but the texture, which looks more like a silk wool, adds a certain warmth to the room. To me, the moment I walk through my front door, that's the piece that would instantly release my end of the day sigh of relief. It screams... WELCOME HOME!

3. Needs - I like to picture coming home to this room, sitting down in my fun yet functional round chair, and removing my shoes. I think the console in the entrance makes for a perfect piece to hide the clutter that tends to follow us when we enter our house. Is it freezing outside? Remove your scarfs, gloves, and place them in the drawers and if that was my entry way, I would have those drawers organized like no other to include all the things I could possibly need for the day. I'm in Marketing, so I would have plenty of business cards, pens, notepads, and promo gear lined up waiting. I'd also make a spot for incoming mail. What do you need on a day to day basis? Supplies for your kids, gear for work, an additional charger, etc.. how perfect would it be to have it all ready to go, neatly organized by the door?

4. Color - The breathe of this room is in the color. That blue ceiling makes the entire room. It's a bright pop of color to get your day going before you walk out the front door and at the same time is a serene welcome when you get home.

5. Pattern - The texture on the mirror gives this room an entirely new feel. To me, it looks like snake skin (please don't burst my bubble if you think otherwise), which adds a rock n roll vibe to the room. Talk about bringing sexy back!

6. Bling - This room is literally dripping in bling. The Taurus in me is instantly attracted to anything that shines like a diamond and that light feature definitely does! The mirrors on the wall and crystal candelsticks also evokes an understated girly glamour without going overboard.

7. Botanicals - If it were me, somewhere in that room, I would add a little more green but than again, I'm a Florida girl who loves anything green. However, I do enjoy the touch of citrus they added to the console.

8. Placement - I'm in love with their placement choices. I'm obsessed with the cluster of light bulbs and the picture wall. I also like the fact they used a pair of candelsticks that they have elegantly and symetrically placed on the console to bring order to the somewhat chaotic (but fabulous) wall.


my five key area before pics

My house! No judging now, I'm a newylwed who just moved in to a new place with her husband, working full time (and in start up language that is WAY over 40 hours a week), on top of pushing for my own entreprenuerial dreams on the side to do what I really love which is design! That's why I took this course, to push myself to do what I love (and get my place decorated).

I know the quality of these photos are not superb but with a busy schedule it is hard to find time to snap quality during the day. PLUS, why would I want brilliant before photos anyway? The worse the before, the better the after effect (and I know the after will be worth it)!

Let's begin . . . 

Sofa/ Coffe Table . . . This is my sofa and "coffee table" which as you can see is an ottoman. As a wedding gift, my parents gave me this set. It's exactly what I like coming home to but it's crying out for color, texture, and art work on those walls!

This is my dining area. There is so much wood and not a lot else. I love my pieces but I can't wait to add some bling, botanicals, art, and accessories . . .

This is my side of the bed. You might see the arm of my sleeping husband to the right. We sadly have different schedules so he is asleep far before I am. Sometimes even, like today, he was asleep before I came home from work. I can not wait to show some love to this vintage, 30's dresser I scored for $60 and really make this area a focal point in our bedroom.

Here's where I've spent the only free time I have writing thank you letters out the wazoo. It needs so much love, art, and pretty, pretty plants. Not to mention, a little organizing and cleaning!

This is my bookcase that is placed directly by my sofa. It is all alone without any books which are still waiting to be released from their cardboard prison.

Excited to get started and learn with everyone!


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