My Space

My Space - student project

My quiz results were combined contemporary, tradition, and Scandinavian. These were no surprises because I love light and airy spaces with lots of white and light wood. I enjoy a minimal aesthetic that integrates elements of nature and naturalistic environments without feeling overly rustic. I really enjoy the more minimal side of "cottagecore" or "grandmacore"

My Space - image 1 - student project

Here is the initial palette for this room. We'll only see some of the area in my photos, all which lean towards the lighter side of the palette. I used Coolers to create this palette.

My Space - image 2 - student projectHere is my desk space. I worked to incorporate as much white and light wood as I could. I also placed it in front of this huge window with a view of plantlife because plenty of natural life is inspiring and energizing throughout the day.

You can just make out the Edison bulb, which is actually an LED bulb from Hue, which feels very traditional to me. I initially enjoyed the lamp more, but after working with it for a few days, it feels too industrial and angular. I want to find something that feels vintage, but minimal. Still working on that!

On the right, you can see that my pen cup has a lace / doily pattern, along with my knitted white coasters. I hope to incorporate more light textile elements as I go on. 

My Space - image 3 - student projectTo the right of my desk space is a white ladder bookshelf. This was helpful to maximize the vertical space. Here I have my Sylvanian Families / Calico Critter figurines and catalogues on display. I previously had these shoved away in a closet but I figured it was time to bring them out, especially the vintage catalogues and Japanese exclusive figurines still in their boxes.

The packing here is light and playful with the soft pink and creamy colors. I wanted to play up this with an unpainted white ceramic rabbit that I found in a thrift store. The clothing and patterns of the figurines feel very traditional, and the clean lines of the bookshelf help to bring the eye upward. 

Moving forward, I want to put the catalogues on display risers in white, light wood, or acrylic. I also want to add another family in Japanese packaging on a hidden riser above the two I have in order to balance this visually.

My Space - image 4 - student project

This is a lower shelf of the bookcase and least planned picture here. I put all the elements I wanted to display on a table and picked these four out. I believe it has a very naturalist but simplefeel. I'm happy that I was able to find a home for this print from The Latest Kate.  I love that the tan from the pendant case is reflected in the wrapping on the dried lavender, and the brown in the print is reflected in the doe statue. It feels like a very balanced area.

Moving forward, I would like to integrate a doily or other textile pattern here to bring out a more traditional feel. 

Thank you so much for reading.