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Rob RodenParker

Entrepreneur and Teacher



My Skillshare Projected Earnings

My goal is to put out two courses per week. If some are shorter, I should be able to do 3 or 4 per week,even 5. But even at 2 per week, that's 8 per month.

If I get the minimum 25 enrollees for a Premium class, that would be 200 students for my 8 classes. Since they said each student earns you between $1-2, let's go conservative with $200 per month.

If the courses are good and I keep enrolling students, just those 8 courses could easily double that $200 minimum. Then if I add more courses, I'll get more students (I'll keep the niches close) and let the snowball effect take over. 

I think within three months I could be earning well over $1000 per month, and depending on if I keep publishing good courses, I can see my earnings reaching $2000/month within a few months.


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