Marc Isaacson

Bhavatu sabba mangalam | May all beings be happy



My Skillshare Mission

Hello! I'm Marc Isaacson. I've been learning about creating online classes since then end of 2014.

I participated in the July Teach Challenge and created my first class, "How To Make Vegan Pancakes." The following week I published "How To Make Vegan Chili." I'll be publishing another class shortly.

My mission on Skillshare is to expose people, specifically people who are NOT vegan, to easy-to-make, super delicious vegan recipes. I encourage people to test my recipes against their favorite version (whether it's vegan or not) and let me know which one they like better. When students create a response video I share it on my YouTube Channel. Every time I release a new class I make free enrollments available through my YT channel. I encourage you to subscribe to the channel and join me in my classes and in the "vegan challenge". I welcome you wherever you are on your vegan journey: vegan straightedge; vegan wannabee; vegan curious; vegan resistant; and, yes, even vegan oppositional!

Let's have some fun exploring recipes together.


Bhavatu sabba mangalam | May all beings be happy

Vegan love to all of you!



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