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My Skillshare Journey - A Work in Progress

Update 4

My latest class on the Lookup Functions of Excel - VLOOKUP and Beyond is now live. It is the 5th of my Excel series so I'm about halfway through.

I have spent some time improving my Intro video as it is something I really struggle and never 100% like.

You can catch it here -

I would love to hear your feedback. It is down to about 1:40 minutes.


The information below is outdated, but has been kept here to show my journey.

Update 3

I have just published my new class and next in the Ultimate Excel Course series - Logical Functions - the Decision Making Formulas of Excel.

This course progresses through the essential skills of any Excel Pro. This class contains 5 lessons and 3 challenges to complete and re-enforce the learning objectives.

I have added an image of myself and tried tweaking my end lesson/video. I hope this is an improvement and would love to hear your feedback on the different elements of my class (intro video, cover image etc)


Update 2

I have updated my cover images on my Ultimate Excel course. You can see one above. I have gone for something light and airy and shows the series number.

I have also improved my intro video. I have attempted to shorten them and keep them under 2 minutes. I think I previously said too much without substance.


Update 1

I have improved my profile picture. My previous picture (shown below) is from my wedding day. I originally thought it was quite clear and somewhat natural because it was from a day of my life and not specifically taken for Skillshare.


However, after evaluating it recently I found it a little dark so I created something lighter and clearer for screens.

I would love to hear your feedback.

The information below is outdated, but has been kept here to show my journey.

The Beginning

I have been on Skillshare for 1.5 months now and the going has been slow. I struggle to get to even the 25 students as you can see from my channel.

I work as an instructor for my job and run a blog called Computergaga with a decent YouTube, Twitter, Udemy and newsletter following. I am finding this harder to get going than Udemy.

I have 4 published classes. 3 are premium and 1 is free. I planned to use my free class as a gateway to my other classes. Student could test to see if they like me and what I do before they buy.

This project will be my progress and I will update it as often as I can.

At the moment I feel the following areas are where I need to improve.

  • Cover graphic for the courses (You can see one in the cover image of this project. Please share you feedback)
  • Possibly improve the profile picture of me (is it a little dark?)
  • My intro videos. I really struggle with the best way to do this.
  • Projects. My classes are on learning Excel. Because of this I provide good projects for practice and to cement the learning, however they are not the sort of project you would upload so when compared to design classes I lose trending points here.

I would love to hear feedback so please share it. I can handle it :)


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