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My Skillshare Course Creating Amazon, eBay or E-Commerce Listings that Drive Traffic and Sell - Quick Tips!

For my class topic I will be teaching students how to make Amazon and eBay Listings that convert and sell. The title for my course is going to be - Creating Amazon, eBay or E-Commerce Listings that Drive Traffic and Sell - Quick Tips! 

I have already filmed the course and provided multiple quick wins for the students within short 4-minute lectures. 

The class project for the course involves developing a listing from scratch. I am still new to this project idea so I have tried to keep it simple :)  


Here is my course description

Do you want to learn how to create stunning eBay and Amazon listings that, drive traffic merchandised your product and sell. Obviously you do!

In this short course you will receive actionable tips that will help improve your listing quality. Providing you complete this course and undertake the prescribed project you should be able to improve the conversion ratio for your products. This will result in more sales!

We will look at the title and how to be detailed yet concise. The description and how to write a sales copy that sells. And finally we will look at images and I will provide some quick actionable tips to improve your product image quality.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!


Welcome to your project for this course. The project is an excellent way to lock in learning and I highly recommend you spend the time to complete the project. I will do my best to provide some brief feedback on all projects.

Your project.

1. Decide on a product that you wish to sell or would like to use for exercise purposes.
2. Develop a title for your product based on the information contained within the lecture on titles.
3. Using the three step description development method contained within the lecture on descriptions develop a description for your product.

Please start the project with step one and two before moving on to step 3 to allow me time to provide feedback.

Enjoy your project!

Class is Published. Thanks for the help :) Here is a link! (Test video can be viewed in the course) 

Achievement unlocked now a premium instructor. Thanks for all the help along the way.



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