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My Sketchbook


Day 17: What's in front of me. Pumkins! Halloween approaching, right? Today's supposed to be the last day, but I decided to make it 30 days. That's how much you need to do till it becomes a habit, or so I heard.


Day 15 +16: Childhood. 


Day 14. Aliens! I didn't have much time today, so I tried to focus on a nice composition, rather than on details. Same as yesterday, I googled "Aliens" and made some sketches right away.


Day 12 + 13: Houses. I googled "Houses" and then made some quick sketches with a pen. Later I added some watercolor. It took me less than 15 minutes and altough I don't like this drawing, I am proud to stick to my commitment! :)


Day 10 + 11: Drawing characters. I chose to draw with ink & ink pen. Not very convincing, but I tried at least to make a nice composition :))) It's not easy to draw every day. I always have to remind me of the commitment I made, I want to keep a sketchbook forever, but I'm not sure I can make it.... 


Day 9: Drawing people for 5 minutes. Today's not a good day. I picked drawing people and I am really scared of it! I have drawn people for the last time in art class and this was years ago!!!! I don't have the practice, the drawings look awful. But a commitment is a commitment, right? So here I am motivating myself. Tomorrow will be better. 


Day 7 + 8: Fruit. I did a quick sketch of a nature morte on my kitchen table yesterday and finished the colouring today while the baby was taking a nap. Tried to capture all of the colours and shades...


Day 6: Drawing imaginary creatures for 5 minutes. Did this in the evening, in front of the TV. I was very tired yesterday, but I said to myself, come on, you can draw for 5 minutes, you made a commitment to it! So I set the timer, and voilà, here are my imaginary creatures :)


Day 5. So this is the first day of my new challenge. I picked "Fashion" for 14 days and rolled 5 on the dice. Let's be fair, this drawing wasn't done in 5 minutes, neither in 2x5 minutes. I decided that I would work on a drawing as long as possible, but at least 5 minutes a day, since the challenge is to make art every day. I like this 5-minutes-a-day condition. It is what keeps me going and I am thankful for it. AND I was already able to make more time to draw in the evening, when everyone at my place was either asleep or otherwise occupied :)

Now about the bags on the drawing. I drew them all from memory, although I could have brought all of them in the kitchen with me, but I thought it would be more fun to see, if I can remember what I have in my closet :) Also it spared me the time to go and get them. I love my bags, although I sometimes think that I should limit myself to 1 or 2 bags at all (I tend to be very minimalistic about things in my life). By the way, a little cleaning secret for bags: if you have stains on your leather bags, try to use a new white eraser very gently on them, it might help them disappear! :)))))




Day 4: Update. I had some time in the evening and went back and added some more to my flowers page. I start to like it now and I am thinking of scanning it in and work it over in photoshop, add some colour, make a poster, maybe....


Day 4: Drawing flowers for 5 minutes (in the kitchen). I kind of skipped making this fortune teller thing. I was a huge fan of these back in school, but for this project I figured, I don't really need one. I have kept a sketchbook/diary all my life. In art school a sketchbook was THE inevitable tool to develop ideas and to draw all the assignments given by the professors. Later, working as a graphic designer in an advertising agency I still kept a personal sketchbook for my own sketches and ideas, especially when going on vacation or travelling. But I also had no problem drawing anywhere I was. At work, between two client related projects, on the bus, going back home, scribbling in a cafe while drinking a cappuccino with friends. So the "where" was never an issue for me. My most important art-making-brake is the "when". This year something great happened to our family: my husband and I became parents, so all the art-making which wasn't a priority already, became a little less important because we now had to take care of our baby daughter. I stopped working for now, so I spend most of my time at home. And I miss having a sketchbook. So today I started "THE" sketchbook for this project (the other assignments were made on random pieces of paper), and here it is. 

I have to say that 5 minutes are not a lot of time, but I wanted to record what I was able to do in 5 minutes, therefore I stopped (although I could have drawn longer today). 

Wow, and I had to say a lot today. To be continued :)


Day 3. Two minutes to draw portraits of my daughter. Challenging :-)


Day 2. Drawing trees


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