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My Sketchbook World

Update:  I have added some pics of the color versions of these sketches below:



I have also tried some new filters on Pixlr and Insta with some landscape photography.  My thought here is that eventually these scenes will influence my sketchbook world.  I took these on a walk outside my office and at my children's school.

I definitely need a new iphone because I have lost some pixels due to dropping the phone.  :(

Thanks for the class, Scott, and thanks, everyone for looking:


I used a lot of filters in Pixlr on this one.  More than I usually use.  Just playing around here.

This is the foggy sunrise outside my daughter's school this morning.  I'm channeling a bit of Constable or Whistler here.


I created my Instagram account @nicolettaarnolfini for a couple reasons, but the top one was to connect with and inspiration from other contemporary, working artists.  

I post glimpses from my life there, and Scott's words hit me a little hard.  I probably need to "clean up" my aesthetic to support my art theme more.  Still, the majority of what I post is my art, my students' art, or my work from my sketchbook.

I live in North Carolina, USA, but mentally, I have a whole life in my sketchbooks.  An artist must have a sketchbook.  These are works that hardly ever see the light of day -- because in these works, an artist  figures out problems, tries new things, learns a new style, fails often and sometimes finds some victories.  A sketchbook is a meditative place.  I often sketch in meetings or while my family is watching a movie.

In my sketchbook, I am relaxed and productive -- a pretty amazing combination.  The results here are not the most important aspect of a sketchbook.  Rather, the successful ideas and trials represent what will eventually come out in an artist's work.

I encourage my art students to sketch all the time, so I post my sketches to encourage them further.  I also post my sketches and art to connect to a larger community of artists who are sincere in their efforts to learn from each other and improve their work.

Here are my three sketches posted.  They are in my top 3 row on Insta right now (March 12, 2016).  


(You can see my 2 Artomat pins, my Duke pin and my old Moleskine sketchbook in the background.)



I realize that I need to use natural lighting more often and stage and edit these photos better.  Scott has provided some great examples of apps to use.  I use PIXLR a lot, on my computer and on my phone, when I don't have time (often) for Photoshop.

I plan to "color" these ink drawings with some markers.  I will post these top 3 again in color and will pay attention to the lighting and editing, as Scott instructed.  Stay tuned!  :)

BTW, I have followed Scott & Socality on Insta for at least 1 year (maybe longer).  I loved this class and I have loved his accounts.  It was so nice to get to learn more about Scott and his techniques. So glad I'm on Skillshare!


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