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My Sketchbook Magic

Day 1:

my hand chose ink pen, but instead of deep it in ink, i dipped it in gouache.
for the first step i chose blue- i love the color and tried to play with it. after, i took cork and the color yellow.
i love collage, so i took the perforator leftovers, and made flowers.
the drowning prince at the right corner i added, because i always try to tell a story in my illustrations.

for this class i chose a sketchbook from Ogami products, they make their notebooks papers from stone and not out of wood. i was curios to see how the paper works. the paper itself is very smooth and silky.
i like how the colors dry on it, the paper doesn't absorb the color, and you still have the materials texture on it.

this is day no.1:


Day 2:

i pull out the 'places i want to go' from the list. the first place i that came out was antarctica. there are a lot of places i want to travel, antarctica is usually after you saw everything, but that what came to my mind :)
i search images for inspiration. i decided not the take an image and draw it, but to let my imagination to lead.
i pulled a rectangular watercolor brush. it's a good brush, so i used water color, didn't want to experiment other colors. i have very basic knowledge on water colors. on this unique paper the colors act a little bit different. i couldn't add color to make something darker, only if i add almost dry paint, luckily (or not) the paper wasn't damage when i used a lot of water.
unfortunately, when i scanned it, i saw it came out too bright. so i added colored pencils to darken the drawing, and a few spots of pilot grip white gel pen.
i used PSD to adjust the levels a little, because on the paper i liked the final result and didn't want to make it darker.
i don't think it's the best this i ever did, but i don't hate it:


Day 3:

i rolled the dice and got 2 minutes.
i lottery out transportation from the "words bank"
i really like this dice challenge. it's a good morning exercise. i'm sure i'll do more of it :)
that's what i accomplished:


Day 4:my fortune teller "told" me to make art in a coffee shop, since i didn't have the opportunity to be in a coffee shop, and i wanted to get forward in the project, i sketched on the bus.

it was made with a staedtler pen 0.3 i always have in may bag, and a different sketchbook.
this are 2 art pieces i made i got to make:



Day 5

12 days update my sketch book, that's what I got


day 1/ 12 from sketchbook:

ink and wet colored penciles


day 2/12

ink and promarkers



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