My Signature Style

My Signature Style - student project

My Signature Style - image 1 - student project

My 10 Words:

simplified, stylized, thematic, girly, casual, imprecise, static, preppy, happy, generic.

I am still very new to pattern design, and have made lots of patterns in the past month-ish, but I have only just recently (like, this week) begun to see my natural tendencies show up in my designs. When I look at the artists I admire and compare that to the list of words I used to describe myself, I see more overlap than what I get with my own designs. For example, I consider myself casually feminine, and that's a term I can use for the work of the five artists, but my own designs are more "girly". I'd like to be making patterns that reflect my personality and style. I do like the way I simplify forms, but I feel like I pull myself back from really making my designs polished and complete for fear that I'll make them too fussy or end up too far into the "formal" category. While I can now start to see the hints of my signature style, I have a better idea now of what still needs my attention.


UPDATE 8/30/20

My Signature Style - image 2 - student project

Recently, I did some more work on identifying my signature style by evaluating what I was creating, versus what I wanted to create. As Maja pointed out in her own style journey, there was a point when she learned to embrace what she was creating rather than trying to reject it, and I found myself in the same boat. I've begun to see the natural casual and cartoony quality of my illustration style, and the more I lean into it, the more I feel like I'm creating interesting patterns that feel more uniquely mine. I've begun to consider my style to be great for girls who like feminine things, but aren't into the whole princess aesthetic. I also realized that while my own style is minimal, my pattern style favors lush, full patterns with lots of elements.

Janis Hurst
Designer and Illustrator