My Scavenger Hunt

My Scavenger Hunt - student project


ColourMy Scavenger Hunt - image 1 - student project

LineMy Scavenger Hunt - image 2 - student project


My Scavenger Hunt - image 3 - student project


I really enjoyed this project and think it will be really useful in developing my own style. I have previously found it difficult to be inspired by others’ work without copying elements. Collecting and looking at pieces that I like has really highlighted what elements I like. Colour seems to me that all the palettes that I chose were scarily similar. I like mustard yellow (a lot) and bluey greens and also dusky pinks and greys. I like contrasting colours but not ones that are very saturated. I found line and texture a little bit harder and some of the pictures I chose seem to feature on both of my Pinterest boards. I think this is because I seem to be drawn to illustrations where there aren’t outlines around the shapes but instead shapes are defined by block colour or lines or dots that make up a texture within the shape. I also chose illustrations where opaque shapes or lines were layed over each other and some where gradients were used to create texture.