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My Sample Project

For my clutch, I used green, grey and blue yarns that were leftover from other projects. I really liked how easy it was to repurpose yarn I had originally bought for another project. 

I had a few problems when I miscounted rows, but I ended up liking how that looked. I also thought the different textures were an interesting look. The long flap is cool too. 

It was hard to decide what order I wanted the colors to be in. I ended up putting green in the  middle, where it shows a nice bright splash of color.

I didn't take pictures along the way, but here's the finished product. I've been using it to carry my phone.


If I were to make this again, I think it would be cool to try using a different kind of yarn, like a silk or cashmere. The clutch doesn't require much yarn, which would keep the price down, and I think the more fancy yarn would make the clutch look really interesting. 


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