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My Rubbish is your next project

At one point I imagined myself crafting little art projects with various materials i had found here and there but they never came to fruitition. Either i became to busy with something or was distracted by an episode of Lost which ended in a 10 episode binge but utlimately resulting in forgetting the several yards of scrap chambray fabric, copper wiring, clock parts or etc. Things that dont' have any actual monitary value persay but others may actually use for their projects. So i wanted to put together a little app that allows people to trade their "junk" for others "junk". "I may not use the scraps of chambray but i could use a 5 gallon food grade bucket you were going to get rid of. Lets trade!!!"  

A swap meet for trash really. It's more of a personal project maybe to use amongst friends at first then maybe expand it beyond friends to people in the neighboorhood. That's the general idea. 

While i'm going to start with following along with the class project hopefully before the end i can take what i've learned and start my project.

Here is my github URL and Heroku URL. for now they wil probaby resemble what is exactly happening in the class.


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