My Robin

My Robin - student project

I've been watching Louise's YouTube channel for a few months, but this is the first class I've taken of hers. I'm really happy with the result and I found the techniques Louise uses to be simple and effective. I drew the robin in my sketchbook and then transferred a tracing onto watercolor paper.


I used Legion Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress paper, and Windsor & Newton pan set colors. I've watched a few of Louise's videos on painting feathers negatively and used that technique to add some detail to the flight wing and  tail feathers. I used a free image from Pixabay that I also found on a Pexels.


The way Louise paints makes it so much easier to understand how to use watercolor and achieve amazing results. I'll be taking every one of her classes on Skillshare and signing up for her Patreon once I'm done here. Thank you Louise for a great class!


My Robin - image 1 - student projectMy Robin - image 2 - student project

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