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My Road to Becoming a SuperLearner

I have ADHD so learning has always been difficult for me. I’ll jump from one thing to another to another repeatedly throughout the day. Even if I do focus for longer than usual, I have trouble retaining information. Online courses are particularly hard because there are so many distractions. This time around I’m determined to accomplish these goals and begin my journey toward becoming a better learner, and taming the monster that is ADHD.

My S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  • By October 20, 2015 I will start and finish reading a 300+ page book. I always get a few chapters in and never continue. Either my short attention span kicks in or life takes over. The page count isn’t as important to me as being able to comprehend what I’m reading well enough to discuss the book afterwards. So if the book is 381 pages long my goal will be to read approximately 15 pages a day.
  • By November 26, 2015 I want read 400 wpm with at least 95% comprehension, up from my current rate of 297 wpm and 82% comprehension. My rate is definitely skewed because I skim horrendously when I read. The problem isn’t the skimming, it’s that I don’t do it “properly” and almost always miss crucial information, forcing me to then re-read. Hopefully going through this course and reading the above book everyday will help me reach this goal.
  • By New Year’s 2016 I want to be able to read an article written in French without any browser aids. I took the language for 4 years in high school, but 13 years later I remember next to nothing. I attempted to get serious about re-learning French several years ago, and purchased a copy of Rosetta Stone. Used it for maybe a week. Now I plan on going through levels 1-3, taking notes, and utilizing flashcards to help me finally accomplish this task.

I do only have three goals so to not overwhelm myself. Accomplishing these will give me confidence in my ability to learn and in general. In the end although I might be a dab (or many dabs) under SuperLearner status, I'll be in a better place than I am now.


Update 9/27/15

Short term memory checker:

  1. Level 3 by memorizing the images
  2. Level 4, but made a litle story out of the images. I messed up by not being detailed enough, picking the blue butterfly over the orange one.
  3. Still can't get past level 4, but my max memory improved to 7. I think I need to take a break because I'm confusing my markers with previous tries


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