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Debbie Hart

Artist and Designer



My Reverse Candy Stripe Bracelets

I ended up making a variety of different reverse candy stripe bracelets in the process of making this class since there are so many different possible patterns, and I wanted to have a large number to use for demonstration purposes.  

To start with, here's a picture of my hand wearing the bracelet that I created in the physical demo for this class. For the demo bracelet, I chose Pattern #20, the one with 6 colors (since this one would let everyone see the most clearly how the strings move while knotting the bracelet, as each of the 6 strings is a different color). The colors I chose were black, purple, pink, green, orange, and white:


I also made several other bracelets in more of the different patterns with an assortment of different colors to show the variety possible, and here's a picture of them. From right to left, they are 1) Pattern 20 again, the 6-color pattern with the rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, 2) Pattern 3, a 2-color pattern with light and dark purple, 3) Pattern 12, a 4-color pattern with red, yellow, orange, and yellow-orange, 4) Pattern 6, a 3-color pattern with red, white, and green for the upcoming holidays (it's mid-November as I'm posting this), 5) Pattern 17, a 5-color pattern with black, red, yellow, blue, and green, 6) another holiday bracelet in Pattern 12 with dark green, light green, red, and metallic gold, 7) Pattern 9, a 3-color pattern with red, orange, and plum, 8) Pattern 4, a 2-color pattern with light and dark blue, 9) Pattern 10, a 4-color pattern with purple, light pink, plum, and dark pink, 10) another holiday bracelet in Pattern 19, a 5-color pattern with dark red, red, white, green, and light green, 11) Pattern 15, a 4-color pattern in sea green, medium blue, turquoise, and light blue, and finally, 12) one more holiday bracelet in Pattern 1, a 2-color pattern with dark red and metallic silver:


Here's a picture of several of these bracelets together on my wrist in a stack:



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