My Reflection

My Reflection - student project

For the first exercise I realized that I really like to put a line in my drawings. I tried to push myself and leave the drawing without them but I really didn't like it :)

My favorite is the one on the bottom left. A little Shadow (that I sure have to practice more lol)

My Reflection - image 1 - student project


For the second exercise I found out that I'm more drawn to the bright colors. Maybe that's why I have almost no pastels colors in my collection.
My favorite is the first one, I drew it with crayons, and even though it doesn't show in the picture, I used several of them to give them a little contrast in my ladybug :)

My Reflection - image 2 - student project


With the third one I learned that I'm capable of drawing flies and actually liking it lol
I discover that is really hard for me to stop working the drawing, it looks like I need to keep adding more and more. Maybe I need to practice more "line drawing" ... Maybe?
I keep finding myself delineating every drawing with wonky lines, and really enjoying it XD


My Reflection - image 3 - student project


With the butterflies there are no surprises, they are one of my favorite topics to draw.
Here I found the best advice so far "Keep working on it, even if you don't like it... You already hate it so there is nothing to lose" :)

My favorite one is the blue one :D

My Reflection - image 4 - student project


I like all of the dragonflies I drew.
Maybe the last one is the least favorite, but is just because I tried to use more pastel colors, and they are not in my comfort zone :P


My Reflection - image 5 - student project


Bees bees bees :) With these ones I tried even some collage, and ended up liking them all.
My favorite is the first one, watercolor with crayons.
On the last one I tried to make it flying, but I think it doesn't shows too well lol


Hope you like them :D

Carla Alex
Always Wondering