My RedBubble - jessemerydesign

My RedBubble - jessemerydesign - student project

Thanks for the tips, Nic! I'll be using the marketing ones in the future. :) I've been working hard with my RedBubble since about mid-December and I have been trying to build my following on Instagram and other social media platforms. It's definitely slow going at the beginning, but I'm hoping with some determination and posting a somewhat cohesive body of work regularly, I will start to see results!

I have been working on this monster series for several months. I would be interested in hearing anyone's thought and opinions or ways I can improve! :) I also have some typography work I would like to build up.

My RedBubble - jessemerydesign - image 1 - student project


Jess Emery
graphic designer + dreamer + creative thinker