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Katie Wilber

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My Random Word Doodle Workout

Day #1 - "Unamusing"

I resisted the urge to look up most of these words! So I ended up choosing a word I knew. Since I was using pen, I just let myself doodle and didn't let myself get too caught up on how silly and messy it looked.


Day #2 -"Madbrained"

All I could imagine was a maniacal,  mad scientist of a brain. So obviously he needed thoughts of world domination,  nuclear codes, and an evil laugh :-)


Day #3 -"Misprison"

I certainly need to create a better routine for these doodles. I've been doing them at night, (like around 7-8pm) but I think they'd be more productive if I did them in the morning. I chose this word because all I could think of was "Miss Prison." Which just lead me to thinking of a women's prison and illustrating the number one queen bee...AKA Miss Prison. 


Day #4 -"Churlish"

Part of the reason my doodles are so sketchy is because I do make a lot of mistakes. My whole drawing style is based on not getting it right the first time and going back and forth, over and over to get the correct line. Churlish made me think of the words "cherub" and "hurl" which made me think of the happiest vomiting creatives ever! (haha)


Day #5 -"Veisalgia"

Currently I'm just sharing these doodles here but plan to share them as a collection on my facebook page when done. This was the FIRST day I actually looked up the word I was sketching! All of the previous days I made up my own meaning. I actually laughed out loud when I learned that this random, complex-sounding word, simply meant...Hangover. haha! 


Day #6 -"Suborbital"

Probably my least favorite doodle, it certainly was quicker than some of the others. I went back to guessing/making up the word meaning with this one. So these are submarines, and sub sandwiches orbiting an eye.


Day #7 -"Sinistrality"

Ugh, I definitely feel like I have a flabby brain in need of creative workouts. Sinistrality sounded like it should be a sinister opera. I think I connected it by thinking "sinister minstrel." 


Day #8 -"Amniotic Conjuring"

This is probably my weirdest, grossest and most silly. All I could think of was a wizard conjuring babies (get it? Amniotic) Whole new meaning to parting the red sea I suppose...


Day #9 -"Sirloin Honeytongued"

This might be my favorite. This is "Sir Loin Honeytongued." He is a very dapper, sweet, piece of meat. 


Day #10 -"Instructions"

This word felt like a perfect wrap-up to the class. I incorporated words into this doodle and tried to play with typography (which is something else I want to work on.) So for my final class are the random word doodle instructions!



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