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John and Dana's wedding 8-28-2013 Highlights

Hop Brook Cyclocross Race

Manayunk Ice Festival Final Project   Link for Final Project

I will have the screen later Saturday because work is getting in the way. I had to reassembly week 1. I did not save that project. Thank You and I will be signing up for Motion.

I change the order of the video. I moved the night in front of the interview footage so I can reverse the time elapse clip to nigh to day. Then I did a slow Mo and a freeze frame using retiming. I made my own preset for a color look I used on the interview shoots. 

 Manayunk Ice Festival week 2

I did a J and L. I wanted to have more about the ice carvers. The go into the night show. I Added  lower thirds, opening title, soundtrack and transitions. Tried to cover the assignment. I had to change the second song. I did not have as much time this week. 


   Manayunk Ice Festival week 1