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My Project!

For the sample project I decided to actually publish the brainstorming work my hubs and I just did this weekend on our revamped/rebranded photography company. For years now I've done landscape prints & stock photos on the side (it started when I had product photos from my first business and a mentor told me to choose a few good ones that I didn't use on my website and upload them! Bonus income, aka coffee shop money! ;) ha!)

But NOW, the tides have changed and my husband is a teacher, so he's looking to play a much bigger role in the photo biz during his summers off. So here's the notes & brainstorming we did on how we're swtiching things up! Show your brainstorming too!

These may be hard to see/read based on our chicken stratch ;) But feel free to ask any questions in the comments, I'll get back to you ASAP! 




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