My Project

My Project - student project

I will share a few examples of the different possibilities of transforming one pattern you have already created. The pattern I will transform is the dress I created during the class. Transforming a good working pattern is a great way to create several garments quickly from one good base. I hope that with my examples you will get the essence of the process and you will find it inspiring! Don't forget to make a copy of each piece you want to transform to keep the original ones in its original form.

Hack #1

I created a shorter version with rounded neckline, with no center back seam, and much less gathering at the skirt. I used the Cotton Spandex Jersey of Spoonflower which is a very stretchy fabric and thicker and firmer than the Modern Jersey and works perfectly for this dress.My Project - image 1 - student project



Watch this short video about the transforming process step by step:


Hack #2

I created a wrap top version with a built in wide belt to tie it with a bow. I used a bit stretchy cotton knit.

My Project - image 2 - student project

 Watch this short video about the transforming process step by step:



Above you can find my original dress I created following the steps I shared with you in the class.

My Project - image 3 - student project

I created this lovely floral dress during the preparation process of my Sew Your Prints class following the steps I am shearing there. I used one of my existing floral pattern and prepared it to print on Spoonflower. I designed the dress, created the PDF pattern and cut and sewed when the fabric arrived. I am happy that the dress fits perfectly and the Modern Jersey fabric is exactly what I wanted. It is soft, and has a very nice draping which was essential for this dress.My Project - image 4 - student project

My Project - image 5 - student project

Agnes Somogyi
Textile Designer / Apparel Pattern Maker