My Project

My Project - student project

My WARMACHINE...i thought about adding those killingthings...but they were not believeable at all... so i thought about what i would like to add and liked the idea of some relaxed girls sitting on the car driving through town. took some reference photos and added them in. 


Now i have a question about my line hirarchy i think i did some mistakes... for me the inside part of the right doorside and the bottom of the car looks not realy  believeable.. would you give those lines a thicker line ? and what other "mistakes" did i do /what could be improved? thx for your time in advance <3
My Project - image 1 - student projectredone- thx for the ultra fast feedback <3My Project - image 2 - student projectdrawing only an octopus was too boring for me so i made this illustration of an octopus playin this game... somehow i forgot the volume of 2 tentacles(mid and right-front side)...well i am human xD and didn't flip the canvas :/ and i would add a line on the beavers teeth but well... still like it. thank you so much for all your effort. I loved your class and will do some more of your classes. Your awsome. I was so frustrated that I thought i'm too imprecise for digital art. NOW I CAN REALISE ALL MY IDEAS. <3My Project - image 3 - student projectMy Project - image 4 - student project