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Character: Naomi Jasmine Sanders


Normal Life: Naomi is 13 and the middle child of five. She often argues with her older and younger sisters. Her two brothers (one older, one younger) try to stay out of the fights, though the younger one teases his sisters a lot. Naomi is homeschooled and very intelligent, but she struggles through mathematics. Her little brother and sister are often saying she’s dumb and should be the youngest. She hates it, and has been known for getting violent. Naomi’s anger management issues cause many injuries for her family. Naomi has lots of friends from her organization for girls ( American Heritage Girls ). Her mother’s name is Deborah, and her father’s name is Knox.


Event: Naomi gains the ability to go to a place called Ronieria after her good friend, Lila Monterey, tells her that she can travel there. Her other friend, Elaina Blaze, had been going there since she was a baby, and Lila had started going a few years ago as a reward for saving Ronieria.


Journey: When Naomi gets there, she sees a large dragon called the Lyrnak. She manages to escape him and run into her friend’s Ronieria fiancee, Rubeus Hagrid. He talks with her and she finds out her friend’s name here is Violet Lila Valley, not Lila Rose Monterey. She also finds out that Elaina was still Elaina Rebecca Blaze. Also, in this world they are three 29 year olds, not two 12 year olds and a 13 year old. They have this whole journey, which includes Naomi going to jail, finding out her Roniera name is Kenya Melody Evans, finding out she’s Princess Loreal, and all kinds of fun happenings.


Risk: The Lyrnak is hunting Naomi because she’s the only one who can stop him.


Result: The three girls save the world.


Resolution: In Roneiria, Elaina and Lila married Frodo and Hagrid, then had kids. Naomi stayed a single lady who was the heir to Roneira. In Elainaola ( Ronieria’s name for our world ), the girls became better friends and teased each other with memes.

Character: Lila Rose Monterey


Normal Life: She is an only child with a pet puppy named Madeline. Her mother, Kara, and father, Frank, raised her to be a kind and social girl. She was never close to her cousins and her best friends are Elaina, Naomi, Marian, Laura, and Isla.


Event: Her friend, Naomi, accidentally travels to Ronieria.


Journey: She has to help her friends save the world and teach Naomi to stop being an idiot. Also, she has to break Naomi out of jail for freeing the Lyrnak.


Risk: Her life there includes her getting married and being pregnant. She could lose the baby if she isn’t careful.


Result: Roneira is saved and her baby is born safely. It’s a baby boy that she named Norbert.


Resolution: Her children are safe and so are her friends.


Naomi’s Internal Plot

  1. Naomi is a stubborn teenage girl who’s been homeschooled all her life. She has a fiery temper and is very social. Her many friends make it hard to hang out with most of them, but she tries her best. She has two friends she is especially close with, Elaina Blaze and Lila Monterey. The three tell each other many things and are doing their best to keep what each other say secret.


  1. Naomi has issues with her younger sister, Scarlett, and younger brother, Jack. She often resists her older brother, Abraham’s, teaching, and her older sister, Brittany’s, attempts to get close with her. Her brother-in-law, Charles, isn’t her favorite, but she’s warming up to him. Her Auntie Sally’s 10 children get on her nerves often, but her Aunt Anna’s daughters are her good friends. She’s closest with Eve, who is 5, but she’s also good friends with June, who is 2. The youngest, Sybille, is just a newborn, though.


  1. Naomi has waist length brown hair and grey green eyes. She is about 5’6 and is slightly underweight. She has an olive complexion and rosy cheeks as she is often at a loss of breath. She wears glasses with black rims and a strong prescription, and she has straight teeth after getting her braces off. Freckles are all over her nose and cheeks, but there are a few on her forehead and one is on her ear. Some freckles are on her hands and arms. Her finger and toenails are very long and often snap or bend. She has a slump in her back, as she slouches around a lot. She often wears a red dress with black leggings or a green dress with blue leggings. On hot days, she wears white shorts that have been drawn on with fabric markers and various blue and green t-shirts. Her shoes of choice are black and white converse.


  1. In her Kenya/Loreal version, she has very straight brown hair that is waist length and usually kept in a braid over her shoulder. Her eyes are a deep green like the leaves on holly trees, and she has lost the need for glasses. She is now about 6’0 and very, very, very thin. Her ears have a very slight point to them. Her skin is slightly paler and she now has freckles only on her nose and cheeks. Her teeth are perfectly straight and so is her back. Her cheeks are still usually rosy. Her nails are still long, but are now often painted in pastels. When she is forced to, she wears long elaborate gowns and makeup, but when she is allowed in the villages as Kenya, she wears jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and no makeup whatsoever.


  1. In Ronieria, Naomi has a cousin named Kyle/ Hernon. Her parents are Queen Arwen and King Aragorn. Her other cousin is a girl named Norenna/Clara. Her halfway family members, Madame Pomfrey and a fairy named Selene, raised her most of her life, as they didn’t know who she really was, though Selene knew the people who first found her.

  1. Her secret: She hides hurt feelings if she can from her friends. She thinks they won’t like her if they know her feelings were hurt by something they had said. She sometimes feels like people are treating her as if she were a baby or a stupid person. Her feelings get hurt way too easily in her siblings’ opinions, which may be one of the reasons she does this, instead of letting people know how she truly feels.


  1. Backstory: Naomi was born when her older sister was 10 and her big brother was 5. Her older brother thought of her as an annoying nuisance, and her older sister tried her hardest to help with her, but often made mistakes. When Naomi was a year old, her little brother was born. The two became fairly close, as they were the closest in age. Finally, when Naomi was 3, her little sister was born. Scarlett grew up without much punishment, as she was the youngest. This made Naomi a bit jealous, but she tried to ignore it. When Jack and Naomi started doing schoolwork at ages 5 and 3 ( Jack hadn’t turned 4 yet), Jack started teasing Naomi about her math grades. As life went on, the teasing got worse along with Scarlett’s treating her like a maid, and Naomi began attempting to hide her hurt feelings.

As Scarlett’s grades went downhill in everything other than mathematics, she began forcing Naomi into tutoring her. Scarlett always whined and was a big baby about everything. Eventually, Naomi became so fed up, she began ranting more and more and swearing more and more. She began getting violent with her siblings, and that is never a good thing. She had always been at the edge of insanity, and now she was reaching the very end of the cliff. She was halfway off already anyway, and her friends began wondering if she was ok. Her one friend, Lila, listened to her rants, though she at first thought Naomi was a little annoying. Elaina and Naomi became close before Naomi met Lila.


  1. Plot: Naomi finds out that she has the ability to travel to other dimensions, but gets in trouble during her first time there by accidentally freeing the Lyrnak who now wants to eat her for dinner. She asks her friends for help stopping the awful creature, but she has to help. The story goes through prison, close calls, and turning back time. In the end, she learns to be careful of evil dragon creatures, not to wish to be a princess, and that her life in Elainoala is fine just the way it is.

Lila’s Internal Plot

  • Lila is a young girl with shoulder length dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. She comes up to her friend, Naomi’s, shoulder in height and is quite thin. She wears glasses with thick blue frames and has pale skin. She has a few zits and bits of acne, but not too much. She is 12 years old and dresses appropriately for her age. She wears sweatshirts and sweatpants often, but will also wear t-shirts and shorts on hot days. She carried a stuffed pig lovingly named Piggy with her everywhere.


  1. Her appearance as Violet is a petite 29 year old with waist length wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes. She has lost the glasses and acne, which she took as a relief. Here she wears what she thinks suits what she’s doing that day best.


  1. Lila can be a bit odd when you first meet her, but there is a kind and fun girl underneath the craziness. She loves stuffed animals, hanging with friends, and Roblox. She has a rebellious streak and doesn’t obey very well because of it. She often pulls her scaredy cat of a friend, Naomi, into troublemaking, but nothing illegal. Lila wonders if her friend and her could sleep over in the library someday.


  1. As Violet, she has an amazingly sweet husband, Rubeus Hagrid. He is good friends with Elaina’s husband, Frodo Baggins. Violet claims she is a Valley-Hagrid, not just a Hagrid. She loves to point out that Elaina is Elaina Baggins, not Elaina Blaze-Baggins.


  1. Her secret: Nobody knows it… There is one, but not even the writer knows it.


  1. Backstory: As a young child, Lila wanted siblings. She never gave up, though she has none to this day. Now she wants a lot of children, even if she’s only 12. Ronieria gave her that chance. She helped save that world with Elaina, and she’s now married there and pregnant.


  1. Plot: Her only part is her friendship with Naomi and helping her through the crisis.



 Naomi’s inciting incident was her accidental trip to Ronielia. Her life changed right then and there.


Lila’s life changed that day when her friend went. Her baby and husband were now in danger.



 The two meet up many times during the book, but the best part in my opinion is that they’re a teen and a preteen in the bodies of women who are almost 30. They have to find their way in bodies unlike their own.


 In the end, everyone is happy, except for a few unnamed guys that Loreal will refuse as she likes being a single lady.




Ok, I know it's not perfect. It's my first attempt, though, so I hope you like it.

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