My Project

Sorry I am late! But very excited and interested in learning to become more funnier and improve my comedy writing skills.


Favorite Comedy List:


Da Ali G Show

Dave Chappelle (Standup and TV show)


Colbert Report

Steve Carell

Cartman from South Park

Will Ferrell

Nathan For You

Jim Carrey

Invader ZIM


I enjoy lots of different kinds of comedy. I’ve been really impressed by the satire interviews done by Ali G, Borat, Bruno, and the interview bits/sideline reports I see on the Daily Show and Colbert Report. I’m also interested in interviewers/comedy people who are able to make mundane/simple topics funny, interesting and engaging for example Adam Carolla and Bill Simmons are able take a really simple thought and through anecdotal stories, relevant comparisons and pop culture references make it awesome. I also like the more crude humor Cartman uses, or like Jim Carrey’s early stuff. I also like really dry humor (Nathan for you) and awkwardness (Michael Scott, Nathan for you).






Aliens & Outer Space

Computer Games

Office (I work 8-5 in an office)

Movies, TV Shows

Random stuff that pops into my head


Potential Project: (Still going through the class, but I wrote this so figured to submit for feedback/thoughts)


Establishing: Big alien ship, asteroids, space, and earth in the distance


INT – The main ship area, where they pilot the ship, 2 aliens with abnormally small heads and weird looking fingers are there.


An alien race has come to invade the earth for a select number of it’s natural resource; turns out the resource in question are common, very common.


Alien 1: Stupid Earthhumans with their freakishly large heads, and oddly shaped fingers, I will take great pleasure in extracting from them their precious earth metals.

Alien 2: Yes, it will be delightful, to say the least; to say the most: orgasm.

Alien 1: CONTROL YOURSELF. To fail this mission, is to draw the ire of the Dardar council, our focus must be unerring, our attention unbreakable, we..... Alien 2?

Alien 2: [Innocuously eating some alien snack] Sorry, I was hungry.

Alien 1: We literally just ate.

Alien 2:  [Abashed] Yes, um, right.... what were you saying?

Alien 1: Let us look upon these Earthhumans. [Screen flashes on, a manganese mine comes into view]


INT – Manganese mine, sad looking/dirty miners are going in/out of a mine, screen pans to overseer/manager (fat) looking at blueprints of the mine, with some low level sidekick


Overseer: Damn! I thought there would be gold in this mine, instead, manganese! The most obsolete metal known to man.

Sidekick: There must be gold in here somewhere, keep digging boys!

Overseer: [Fuming] Manganese... it could utterly disappear from the face of the planet and no one would be worse off


*Suddenly giant alien aircraft lands near the mine, blowing supplies all over the place, 2 Aliens exit the spacecraft*


Overseer: [In Awe] My God! Extraterrestrial beings! What an amazing moment in the history of the universe. Our first contact with sentient beings from outer space... think of the implications, the information we can trade, think of the........ *Alien 1 shoots a laser through the mans chest*

Alien 1: Now! Hand over the manganese, slowly...


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