My Project: Light and Colour

My Project: Light and Colour - student project

I really enjoyed this class, I took a lot of notes. I especially loved the realization that we can shade and add light with colour- wow! I have a really hard time with lighting and shading for whatever reason, I just can't always wrap my brain around it hahaha. BUT I was really grateful for Alycia's tips and tools to breaking it down and analyzing what is actually happening. It was also really cool to see how different light sources can change a mood as well as a character. I'm posting my favourite sphere and shape explorations, and my portrait project. For the portrait I was inspired by a photo from recent post from one of my new favourite Instagram accounts @advancedstyle. Hope you enjoy and thank you again for this class! 

My Project: Light and Colour - image 1 - student project

My Project: Light and Colour - image 2 - student project