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Cadence Vaz

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My Progress On Sandra And Tiffany

Getting Started...

When I design a character, I want to start out by sketching out some of the character's features c: Just jotting down ideas that come to mind..



Next, I drew the character's face. I wanted to make sure that what I was sketching fit the character description. I came up with this face first that you see below. I really liked it, but I wanted to keep sketching just incase something else better came along.


So, I kept sketching... I drew another version of Sandra's face. I mean, it's nice and all, but it didn't quite fit the character description. I guess you could say, it looked too cute.


Eventualy, I came up with what you see below. I really like how it turned out! I wanted to make sure Sandra was out of shape like the description said. So this is what I got so far. I like how it looks so far, but I'll keep sketching and we'll see what happens :)


More sketches..




As you can see, I came up with different versions of Sandra, but I still didn't like what I came up with. It wasn't was I was looking for.


But then, I decided that I wanted to go with more of cartoon style, instead of comic or realistic.


Then, I came up with THIS! :D


I liked it SO much better than my other sketches of her, so, I decided to keep this style and move on to different poses :) I don't know what it was, but I guess I just felt like this version of Sandra resembled more of a mid-40's mom and looked a little older that my previous sketches.


Here are some color ideas for her skin and hair. Which one do you like most? I put stars by the ones I liked the best. And I circled the one I was going to use :)



Coming up with different poses and ideas..


Eventually I came up with the sketch you see below, but I didn't think it fit the character description as well as I wanted..


Then I came up with the one below. I think it turned out, alright. It still isn't what I wanted, so I kept thinking.  By the way, when I put up the photo, I realized that I forgot to color her right hand XD


Here are some color thoughts for the sketch :)


I was sketching and I came up with this design. I really like it, I made sure I fit in the big hat and large jewlery, like the description said. I hope you like this final sketch as well as I do. And maybe there will be more sketches of Sandra and Tiffany in the future :)


The End.


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