My Progess

My Progess - student project

Before taking this class, I was in a constant battle on how to properly make the facial features of my characters. One moment, it comes out looking okay and the next, it's pure nonsense.  I have looked up multiple tutorials online, but this class was by far the best.

Here is one of my pieced that I did in the late December 2015, when I just started drawing after many, many, many years.

My Progess - image 1 - student project

I was so proud of this drawing and to be honest, I still am, but after completing this class, I decided to draw it over again and it was a HUGE difference. 

My Progess - image 2 - student project

Wow, look at the difference. I don't think that I will continue to make my eyes this way since I like the current way I've discovered to them, but the nose and mouth, I'm definitely going to continue drawing them this way. 

Thank you so much for this class, it has helped me tremendously.