My Productivity Blog (but in Spanish).

Hey there Brian. First of all I would like to introduce myself and my objective with this project.  My name is Ernesto , I am 19 years old and I live in Mexico. I have seen a lot of productivity, business and life hacking vlogs and my life and perspective has amazingly changed by following day to day this kind of information. I really admire people like Lewis Howes that are genuinely committed to send a postive message to the world and I want to give my part by becoming this kind of creator in my own language.  

As I want to maintain a track of my startup, I'll be uploading my step to step progress from scratch until finish,  also to help other students in this process I'll be sharing thoughts and recommendations as I become aware of them.

Lastly, thank you for putting this course out there Brian ! I am 100%  this will be incredibly helpful as I take further step to start ownmy blog (a dream of mine!) . As I finish this proyect I'll be checking the productivity one next !


Hey Brian and people who are interested in starting a blog! I am kind of late after my first post. Apologies, as I had my first semester in university it took me offguard my new way of life. Still I have been keeping this proyect behind my head, and know more than ever It is time to really start moving the wheel. 

To start with a solid base I decided to start with the basics:

Naming as well as pros and cons between different hosting sites.


-Comparison between companies

First of all, I started searching in google with the basic "best hosts for blogging 2019" naturally I found diverse articles saying different companies. I tried to avoid articles that where affiliated to the company to find a non-biased opinions.

I kept seeing "bluehost" was one of the most populars in this advertised articles but I didn´t like the actual reviews so I discarted that option. To keep the story short I saw " DreamHost" was one of the best for sharing hosting, also it was one your recommendations and I really felt it was good option.

-PlansSo I spent a few days analyzing what plan was better for me long-term. After a lot going and forward, I decided that DreamHost´s 10 bucks a month for one year plan was ideal for what I am expecting. I think the one year plan is good to see how my blog is developing to then think in other higher value plans.

A very complicated decision. I actually have a very hard time naming things. Also as I based my concept in "thoughts and productivy" my mind was filled with large quotes. 

Finally, after 4 days of brainstorming, I came up with name that just felt right:

Rutas de Accion.

Which translates to Action Routes.

With this I set the bases of starting my blog. Now Its time for the next steps of the process.



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