My Procreate Monsters

My Procreate Monsters - student project

This was an awesome class for learning how to use the Procreate app!  I just got my iPad Pro (9.7 inch) and apple pencil.  I downloaded Procreate because I'd heard it was a good app to draw in...but I couldn't figure out how to do anything on my own!  This class took me through the process step by step.   I drew 6 monsters and learned a little more with each one.  

OK, so the honest truth is that I still prefer drawing in Photoshop with my Wacom Cintiq.  But, I can definitely see how the iPad pro is nice for portability.  I'll probably use it more for the initial sketching process, then bring it into Photoshop to finish.  

Here's what I used for my color palette.  Obnoxious food colors of processed cheese and mountain dew!  

My Procreate Monsters - image 1 - student project

I did some quick sketches, then made my monsters.  It got easier to do as I went along.  This was a very useful class & I'm glad I can have fun drawing on my iPad!  

My Procreate Monsters - image 2 - student project

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