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Jacob Verbrugh

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My Prairie Hare Stencil

I'm from a city thats littered with thousands of curious magpies, & hungry but shy prairie hares so it was hard not to use one of them as inspiration for this class.

I'm somewhat familiar with stencils as I used to do wheatpasting around Vancouver, BC as its a great way to make art, friends and have fun at night. Stencilling is also a great way to see the negative spacing of the you want to create. 

I started with some basic thumbnail sketches just playing around with the hares head at different angles, & then I just took it from there and made what you see below.



this is the stencil coloured in prior to being cutout.


I chose to apply ink via sponge to see what I could achieve and I feel it turned out pretty well.

I will probably go in with a paint brush just to touch up all the areas that faded a bit.

Thanks for checking out my submission, let me know your thoughts!!

Thanks Leitha I enjoyed this class a lot! 


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