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My Power Words for my course

Since I'm doing a course on creating custom-back playing cards, I'll use this terminology in promoting it.

1. Imagine the look on your friends' or family's face when you give them a custom deck of cards with their new baby on the back! (example of someone with a new baby)

2. You might think this is a) hard to do and b) expensive, but BECAUSE it is so easy and cheap, you will actually really enjoy creating this.

3. So many times people give the usual boring gifts, but yours will be unique and remembered (and probably saved forever as a keepsake). Don't make it hard on yourself trying to find a unique gift. The process can be difficult, but I'm showing you a fun and unique way to make it the best gift they've ever received!

OK, so that example is just for a couple that had a baby, and I wouldn't really use that in my promotional material (I would be more generic), but I thought that this uses the words in a neat way, if I was targeting new parents.


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