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My Portfolio Site

I decided to go with the portfolio site example since I am gonna eventually have to do this anyways. I completed my rough wireframe and went through many iterations before deciding on this one. The design is simple and to the point and I wanted to make it this way to give the user an immediate and non-confusing experience. Basically the whole site and all its components are going to be on one page but I have it split up into 2 sections. So when you scroll down, the second section functions as another page even though it is on the same page as the 1st section. I did this so the user wouldn't really have to navigate anywhere else and is always on one page. The work section will be a carousel that flips through work examples. This is still a rough beginning and things may change as I start actually designing the components. I'm still trying to figure out if the 2 sections should be swapped.


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