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My Pink Sketchbook


I struggle with store bought sketch books.  Like the nice, professional ones that are supposed to protect your thoughts and ideas in.  I tend to put too much value on them, so I never end up putting my sketches inside them.  So this project was right up my alley.  I had bought a sketch book that had dots-- it was Italian, but the binding on it was just glue... it was almost like a giant pad of paper, it was a nightmare to try to turn the pages without ripping them out.  So I bound them together in this little fun book.


I'm kinda broke (like most artists right?) so I had some turquoise/white twine laying around and dripped some hot wax on it, and then used that as my thread.  I also had a giant pad of "scrapbook" paper laying around from an old project.


I had the worst time trying to match a corresponding paper to my cover, because I wanted the right balance.  I figured if this was going to be my sketchbook, I wanted to be able to love it.  I stumbled upon a white version of this hexagon pattern and almost went with it.  I didn't like the contrasting white to white with the pages though and got this pink hexagon number instead.  


A while back I had actually tried to bind a book, and it wasn't successful.  I kept it and filled it, but it never had a cover.  So having a cover to my sketchbook was somewhat worrisome because I didn't know if I could adjust.


But here it is!  I am really enjoying this.  I enjoyed this project, and am already contemplating 10 other versions of this and other projects to bind in a book.


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