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Lisabeth Fauble

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My Personal Playlist for Fitness

Playlist Goal: Workout Music- I want to get motivated to push myself at the gym and cool down properly at the end of my workout.

Personal Tone- G

My Harmonics- G B D

My Tempo- start out medium for stretching, get faster and more upbeat, slow down at the end for cool down.

Length- approx. 45 minutes

Songs (Not in Order)

Talor Swift- Shake It Off- G

Foo Fighters- Everlong- D

Chvrches- Dead Air

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk- D

Basement Jaxx- Unicorn- G

Basement Jaxx- Do Your Thing- G

Grimes- Oblivion- G

Twenty One Pilots- Tear in My Heart- D

Twenty One Pilots- HeavyDirtySoul

Lana Del Rey- American


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