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Michelle Villasenor

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My Perfect Morning Routine for a Snoozer

This class is perfect for me because I can't set any goals that are not actionable or measurable. I am a list person. This is how I treat my new years resolutions but never thought to break down my morning routine in a similar manner -- so yay! My perfect morning would be waking up without hitting snooze five times, eating breakfast at home and taking care of life’s little tasks so my weekend is spent leisurely with friends or my introverted activities. 


7:00 am - Wake up, make bed and feed my cat (10 min)
7:10 am - Get dressed, wash face, do makeup and hair. (25 min)
7:35 am - Declutter small space in room or apartment. (10min)
7:45 am - Make breakfast and eat it while I make lunch. (15 min)
8:00 am - Set intension for the day: work and personal (10 min)
8:10 am - Write mini list of what needs to be accomplished that evening. This could also be time for a journal entry. (10 min)
8:20 am - Leave for work.
9:00 am - Be at work


Since I never know when i'll actually come home from work, I still want my evenings to be somewhat productive. It's very easy for me to check-out after a long day and watch mind numbing TV or waste time on my phone. So setting the intension to always do one of the following after work:

- Work out
- Meditation
- Tackle the mini list written that morning
- Take an online course to encourage continuing education
- Illustrations
- Educate myself on the newness within the 'industry'


Monday - Education, Illustrations/Sketch or Tackle To-Dos
Tuesday - Be introspective, Meditate or Both
Wednesday - Health & Exercise
Thursday - Be introspective, Meditate or Both
Friday - Free Day
Saturday & Sunday - Health & Exercise or Education

Fingers crossed!


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